World Top 3 Beautiful Place

World Top 3 Beautiful Place
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World’s Most Beautiful Place

We surely have a wonderful world. Full of many exciting things to do and places to see. Humans have inhabited earth for thousands of years but even today there are still many exciting places to see. Every human in the world must have probably dreamed of visiting these beautiful places, especially in our world today where we are surrounded by tall skyscrapers and the bustling sound of the streets.

There are surely a lot of beautiful places around the world and discussing every one of them would rather be impossible. That is why our list of the most beautiful places on earth is perhaps the places that have amazed us and that have touched our hearts.

  1. Skardu Valley in Pakistan:

    Skardu Valley
    Source: Paki Mag

    It may be hard to believe but there is a very beautiful place that exists beneath the hot desert lying between the Middle East and South East Asia. Here is a trivia: often times Pakistan is a country that is considered as part of the Middle East. However, Pakistan, in fact, is actually part of South East Asia. Anyway, Skardu is surely a place that is a must to see. Skardu Valley is part of Baltistan and is just below the glaciated and jagged embankments of the Karakoram. This place covers an area of about 26,000 square kilometers. Skardu Valley was once part of Ladakh and was known in the past as Tibet-I-Khurd, which means “Little Tibet.” Archaeological evidence has proven that Skardu Valley once belonged to the Silk Trade Route.

  2. The Grand Canyon in the United States:

    Grand Canyon in the United States
    Source: Destinosa1

    Grand Canyon has surely existed as a beautiful place for a very long time, and it looks like that scenery still amazes us. Grand Canyon is a steep ravine by the Colorado River. A place that is located In Arizona, the USA that stretches 277 miles in length, 1 mile deep and about 4 to 18 miles in width. According to scientific and archeological studies, the Grand Canyon was formed over a 6 million year period by the forces of Colorado River. A long time ago, Native Americans have built settlements in the caves within the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is actually not the deepest ravine in existence, but it is the widest around the world.

  3. The Canadian Rockies in Canada:

    Canadian Rockies in Canada
    Source: University of Nottingham Blogs

    Even in the cold country of Canada, there exists a beautiful place that will surely amaze you. Located in the North American Rocky Mountains these mountain peaks are considered as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. It may just look like mountains from afar but this place also consists of beautiful lakes, waterfalls, canyons, caves, fossils and even glaciers. The highest peak in the Canadian Rockies is known as “Mount Robson” which stands about 12973 feet above sea level.