Traveling to Spain Beautiful place

Traveling to Spain Beautiful place
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Spain Beautiful Place


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If Madrid is your choice of place traveling to Spain, then you have to keep in mind that late summer is the worst time of the year to visit. This is as a purely because it gets extremely hot at this times and your shoes could literally melt on the concrete pavements outside. It is not uncommon to find oneself choosing to stay indoors than exploring the city outside. Because of the unfriendly daytime temperatures, the city is more oriented towards the night time kind of person.


Restaurants and bars tend to open at about 8-9 p. m and it is possible to find stores closed for about an hour in the middle of the afternoon, to enjoy breaks at a nearby beach or stay in the cool of the shed indoors. Once the sun goes down, the streets completely fill up with people beaming with good luck throughout the entire city. There are events, parties and a lot to partake of everywhere you go and it is truly a great time you want to experience. You cannot miss out on anything just by being outside.

Places Of interest:

Traveling to Spain has got a lot to do with art too. A place of interest include:

  1. The Museo del Prado, which is believed to be one of the best art galleries in the world.

    Museo del Prado
    Source: Central de Reservas
  2. Also, you should ensure you check out the royal palace, although it is not used as a place of residence any longer but it is worth a look especially for its architecture and the classic interior decors.

    royal palace
    Source: Andy & Susy’s travel blog
  3. The botanical gardens is also a fantastic sight to behold, but if is too far a distance for you then you may check out other gardens or the very large parks available throughout the city.

    botanical gardens
  4. Starting the day playing your favorite sport as you enjoy an amazing panoramic view of the Madrid skyline from the Campo de las Naciones park.

    Campo de las Naciones park
    Source: Ivory Escapes
  5. Or just covering seven centuries of art history through the pictorial gems hidden in the Museo Thyssen galleries.

    Museo Thyssen galleries
    Source: Art Madrid

If you are up and about irrespective of the time of the day, the best place to be is the main square. The main square is centered by a large clock tower, in this center, you will find festivals, shows, musical performances and a lot of other activities. It is such a place you could go sit down, waste some time if you’ve got nothing to do and it is a place to go and eat with the mate(s).