Travel To Sydney With Travel Guide

Travel To Sydney With Travel Guide
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Some Things in Sydney You Must See

What comes to mind when you say, Sydney? Most people will say it’s the Sydney Opera House or the Harbour Bridge. But, there’s more to Australia’s oldest city than these two beautiful landmarks.F Vibrant nightlife, great shopping, scrumptious eats, and incredible landscapes-these are only some of the things that await you in the capital. Here are at least 5 activities you don’t want to miss doing when you travel to Sydney from Barcelona.

  1. Watch an opera or a play in the Opera House:

    The Opera house
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Check the Opera House’s website for performance dates you don’t want to miss out on the chance to enjoy high tea or a meal or two while watching an opera.

  1. Climb the Harbour Bridge:

     the Harbour Bridge
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You can take the cyclist or pedestrian’s route, but where’s the fun in that? The real fun is in getting to the top. Just imagine what a remarkable experience it would be to feel the shaking of the bridge while you’re attached to the ground by nothing more than a harness. It’s an exhilarating experience that is not for the faint of heart!

  1. Go ape in Taronga zoo:

    Go ape in Taronga zoo
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Accessible via cable car and ferry, the zoo is home to 2,600 animals, among them species you will find only in Australia.

  1. Feast on local cuisine: 

    Feast on local cuisine
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You’ve never tried a crocodile or a kangaroo, so how would you know you don’t like it? Bush Tucker is a local cuisine ingredient many will find strange. Try it! Locals love it; and what’s more, the kangaroo is highly recommended.

  1. Walk on wetland:

    Walk on wetland
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Free entry, picnic areas, BBQs, playgrounds, cycleways and pathways, salt marsh, bird hides, and access to wetlands-these are only some of the many reasons you shouldn’t miss Bicentennial Park’s boardwalk. If those aren’t enough to make you want to walk the wetlands, add the Peace Monument, Lake Belvedere, Treillage Tower, and a statue of Cyrus the Great.

Don’t spend your time holed up in your hotel. Travel! In Sydney, you have tons of sights, sounds, and scenes to discover. When you travel in Sydney, you’re sure to come home with a suitcase of happy memories. Try it!

Travel In Sydney:

When visiting Sydney, you are likely to have a full program as there is so much to see and do. While Sydney is most famous for its beaches, there is a lot of culture in the city with some amazing sights that are very authentic. The Rocks are  the historic part of Sydney and got its name from the famous rock faces where sailors used to live.

The Rocks
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While it used to be the place for peasants, it’s now one of the most expensive areas in Sydney with fantastic restaurants and excellent shops selling authentic Australian products. With the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) you can start your tour and see the very best art that Australia has to offer. There are also several smaller shops that sell Aboriginal art and artifacts like the famous Didgeridoo.

For those who are interested in the early history of Sydney, you can go on the guided tours around The Rocks and explore its rich history. For the more adventurous you can do the Bridge Climb and walk across the arch of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and see the city from this spectacular vantage point.

During the summer months, Fridays nights play host to the Night Markets where many of the local restaurants have stalls and the live music and performances make for a very lively atmosphere. Over weekends, some streets get closed off to host an informal market with loads of innovative Australian products on sale.

Night Markets
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Most of all, The Rocks is known for its restaurants. Several old pubs still survived where you can find an authentic Aussie pie and wash it down with a Schooner of the local brew. I recommend The Australian on Cumberland Street as it has a large variety of Aussie beers on tap and it always has a great vibe.