Great idea Travel To Sweden

Great idea Travel To Sweden
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Best idea Travel To Sweden

Sweden is one of the largest Scandinavian countries and is a must if you enjoy cultural diversity. Sweden travel advice would encompass the vast amount of outdoor activities coupled with rich cultural events and extreme beauty. Even in the coldest of months Sweden has ice skating and elegant beauty to offer, any traveler.

A visit to Stockholm should be part of your itinerary. Stockholm now boasts it is one of the cleanest most organized cities in Europe, plus also is safe to be in. The people are friendly and also fluent in English wish can be a boost for any lonely traveler. Stockholm has a very active waterfront with clear crisp waters that are more than easy on the eye, which seems to form an ongoing theme in Sweden.

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If Renaissance buildings and medieval charm is right up your alley, visit Gamla which is both charming and elegant. You will enjoy not only the charm of that era but also the small winding streets which are safe to walk along even up till midnight in summer day light hours. Their pastel like charm will both charm and uplift you as you carry on about your day.

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Most travelers find cycling an easy way to get around and with all the beauty and charm that surrounds you it would be a shame not to opt for that method of travel. It is cheap and glorious at the same time. Plus most of us could do with the exercise!

If it is picnics or walks you are after, most of Sweden pays host to this activity but try Haga Park for its relaxing spa like environment. Fishing and canoeing is also popular in one of the many pristine lakes, so if this is your focus make sure to dress warmly between November and April as these are very cold months. Better for ice skaters and purveyors of beautiful scenery as most of Stockholm is covered in a cool white blanket of snow.

Haga Park
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As well as these tempting outdoor activities, Sweden also offers a rich night life. Whether you are culturally inclined or just simply want to party the night away.

Tuck into Sweden’s substantial cuisine which consists mostly of Pork, Beef and crayfish, covered in rich gravy. Alongside this the swedes prefer a tangy or sour taste so longoberry jam is used with these dishes. Breads of all shapes and sizes are served, with big helpings of potatoes. This helps to ward off the winter chills and set you up for the day. But you can also order a good Pizza in Sweden too.

Kulturhuset should also form part of your Sweden visit. A rich diverse mix of art and culture, its meaning aptly translates to culture house. Here you can mingle with culture vultures alike or in summer enjoy the metro areas which are turned into clubbing areas at night. During the day there are theaters and art exhibitions whilst at night you can dance to the beat while savoring the fresh clean air.

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