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Traveling in Malaysia

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country and this means that Ramadan (the Islamic month of fasting) is largely practiced. Although this shouldn’t really affect your trip, it is important to bear a few things in mind. If you happen to be traveling in Malaysia during Ramadan, it’s worth knowing that during the fasting hours (sunrise-sunset), some restaurants and street stalls might not be open. Of course, when traveling to Malaysia at any time, it is important to respect local customs and conventions. However, as a special courtesy during Ramadan, it is appreciated when travelers are discreet about eating and drinking during the fasting hours. It’s also worth noting that as Ramadan draws to a close, it may be a little busier in some parts of the country.

Traveling in Malaysia during Ramadan
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Another thing worth knowing before you begin traveling in Malaysia is that due to religious beliefs, many Muslims abstain from alcohol. Thus, it is important that whilst traveling in Malaysia, you try to respect the local customs by refraining from drinking alcohol in public places. You might even find that some places don’t serve alcohol at all. However, most hotels and tourist-savvy restaurants do serve alcohol, so it usually isn’t a problem to have a couple drinks!



When traveling in Malaysia, you’re sure to find some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in SE Asia. Whether you want to travel to Malaysia for its food, culture of wildlife, no trip would be complete without a little Malaysian beach time thrown in at the end. One popular beach spot for many travelers is the slightly larger island of Pulau Langkawi which lies on the west coast and it’s not hard to see why… rustling palms, powder white beaches and azure shores (great for snorkeling)- what more could you ask for? If you’re a water baby and diving is your thing, you might want to think about incorporating a trip to Borneo into your Malaysia travels. With a fascinating underwater world of vibrant corals and marine life, Sipadan reef really is a haven for diving enthusiasts.


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I have to say that Malaysia cuisine is some of the best in Asia simply because it is so varied. It includes a melting pot of Chinese, Thai and Indian delights, not to mention its own local dishes. The Nyonya cuisine is typically Malaysian and has a unique combination of Chinese and Malaysian with sweet, sour, hot and spicy flavors.

Want a little tip? If you’re traveling in Malaysia for the food, you definitely need to pay a visit to Penang; largely regarded as the country’s culinary capital!


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If you’re a nature fanatic like me, traveling in Malaysia is right up your street. On peninsular Malaysia, you’ll find Taman Negara and Rompin National Park where you can embark on an adventurous jungle trek to discover the hidden depths of the rainforest. You could also head a little further north if you wanted to discover the rolling tea plantations of the Cameron Highlands.

If wildlife is more your bag, then you can really get a taste of the jungle if you head to Borneo; home to Bako and Gunung Mulu National Park. Take a jungle boat cruise beneath the green canopies and spot probosci’s monkeys, discover the fluttering bats of Mulu in the heart of the rainforest or visit the Orangutans in the Sepilok center.

Rainforest monkey business in Borneo. Laze around on Langkawi and take a mangrove jungle trek. Island hopping along the tropical east coast. We’ll help you build your very own Malaysia holiday.