Travel To Hong Kong

Travel To Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Travel

Visit the great state of Hong Kong, China. Diverse, exotic, and teeming with culture, Hong Kong is the gateway between the people of the West and the people of the East. It is the best of Chinese history and culture melded with a unique British influence. Here are the top 12 places you must add to Hong Kong travel itinerary:

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  1. Fresh is the best. See the famous “wet market” and see seafood that is absolutely the freshest you can find. If you are lucky enough to have a kitchenette during your stay, make good use out of this opportunity!

    wet market Hong Kong
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  2. Those who think museums are boring have not yet seen the Museum of Art in Hong Kong. This awesome collection of fourteen-thousand-plus items is a wonderfully dynamic history lesson and art show in one. Archaeologists and artisans of all types, as well as anyone with a curious mind, will enjoy getting lost in this place.

    Museum of Art in Hong Kong
    Source: Shenzhen Photos by Brian Au
  3. The Space Museum of Hong Kong boasts hands-on exhibits and glimpses of our future through its wide collection of displays. Several hundred unique offerings featuring energy tech, robotics, computers, and telecom applications will capture your attention and fill your day with excitement.

    Space Museum of Hong Kong
  4. You must see if you have the time, Hong Kong Disneyland. The eye-opening combination of eastern and western cultures will make your amusement park visit more uniquely special than any other.

  5. Found in the New Territories, is a neat monastery called the Monastery of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Different colors, different poses, and different sizes show that the Buddha can be adapted to many settings.

    Buddha hong kong
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  6. At nearly two thousand feet above sea level, is Victoria Peak. This overlook allows visitors to see the entirety of Hong Kong as well as Victoria Harbor. An optional hike can take visitors even higher to the actual peak of the mountain.

     Victoria Peak
  7. For a change of pace, visit Lamma Island. You will find different sorts of outdoor adventures like ocean swimming and mountain hiking. Many fine restaurants, with astounding atmosphere and food, are located here as well.

    Lamma Island
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  8. See the pink dolphins around Lantau Island. They only live in these waters and you should book a cruise to see these beautiful animals and the environment they love.

    pink dolphins around Lantau Island
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  9. Viva la shopping in Hong Kong’s Central District. Malls and designer boutiques packed together for your convenience and enjoyment…what could be better?

    Viva la shopping in Hong Kong
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  10. The family’s favorite is sure to be Ocean Park. Fun is to be had by everyone in this gigantic oceanarium which features lowland gardens with pandas, a goldfish pagoda, and a fantastic butterfly house. Ocean Park also contains shark aquariums, an atoll reef, and the Headlands amusement park.

    Ocean Park
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  11. You must see the miniature China of Middle Kingdom. Chinese shrines, temples, palaces, and street scenes grab your attention and show you the wonders of the Chinese.

    miniature China of Middle Kingdom
  12. Make sure to visit Water World for pure fun and enjoyment during your stay. It has water slides, wave pools, and a large play area for the children.

     Water World
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Whatever you do, just make sure you have plenty of time to see all of the fantastic offerings of this great state. Enjoy yourself and get the most out of your stay by following these travel tips.

Hong Kong Travel Tips:

Whether you are traveling to Hong Kong on business or as a tourist, there are some things you should know regarding local customs and traditions. You will still stand out as an ‘outsider’ but when you show the local people that you respect their customs, you, in turn, will receive respect from them. They will appreciate your efforts and will treat you with admiration. Here are five things you need to know when you are visiting Hong Kong.

1) Tax and Tipping:

There is no sales tax in HK; however, be aware that there is a 5% government tax rate on hotels. Tipping is not customary but is becoming an expected habit from Westerners. Typically, be prepared to pay $10 (HK dollars) for porters at the hotel and $2 for each bag when enlisting the help of a porter at the airport.

2) Currency:

The currency in HK is known as the HK dollar (HK$). The government issues the currency in notes of HK$10, HK$20, HK$50, HK$100 and HK$1,000. It is best to check with your bank for the most up-to-date exchange rate, as it changes daily. As a general rule, it usually trades at approximately HK$7.8 to 1 U.S. dollar.

3) Tea Time:

To fit in with the locals at a restaurant, you will want to tap two bent fingers on the table as an expression of thanks when you are served hot tea.

4) Restaurants:

Most entertaining takes place in restaurants rather than private homes; it is customary to let your host decide what the meal will be; have a little bit of everything as it is considered rude to pass up on a dish.

5) Business Cards:

These cards are given out as often as handshakes and you are expected to give one in return for every one that you get; Have plenty on hand.