Travel Tips For Barcelona


Tips To Travel Barcelona

Some cities are on every world-travelers list. They lure people with their unique charm and verve. As such, by reputation, rumor or research you know almost too much about the city before you arrive. There seem to be too many wonderful things to do and too many amazing things to see no matter how much time you plan to spend there.

So, before a visit to Barcelona, in Spain, is planned, two questions need to be asked. The first is, how shall I tear myself away from the city’s charms, and second, what should I make sure I do above all else?

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See the Sagrada Familia:

Sagrada Familia Barcelona
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Gaudi’s Basilica is rightly the emblem of this city. When traveling to Barcelona from Sydney, you will be able to see the stark profile of the spires of this church from many vantages. Yet you will continue to be struck by its idiosyncrasy and undeniable visual impact. Not only is it a tribute to the genius of Gaudi, but its unfinished nature and the way the attempt to complete it is so closely intertwined with the story of this magnificent city means that its architecture truly reflects the spirit of the city.

Wander the Gothic Quarter:

Gothic Quarter
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Every city has its corners and streets that bear testament to its origins. In some cities, these are ragged, sparse and neglected, but thoseĀ  traveling in Barcelona can look forward to visiting a melange of narrow streets and high walls that truly capture the history of this influential metropolis. The Gothic Quarter in the center of the city houses the memories of the Jewish quarter, the advent of Royal Spain, the medieval days and even the archaic remnants of Roman habitation.

Explore the Picasso Museum:

Picasso Museum
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There are few, if any, artists who can compete with Picasso for a sense of ownership of this city. If you are traveling in Barcelona and attempting to come to terms with the artistic and bohemian energy of this lively city, you must pay a visit to the only museum endorsed by Picasso himself. Housing the most varied and in-depth collection of his work, a tour here is ideally complemented with a guided walk through the haunts and favorite havens of this most iconic and influential of modern artists.

Sunbathe on the beaches:

Sunbathe on the beaches
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It is one of the delights of traveling in Barcelona that the city can be so cosmopolitan yet also be so close to the sea. Indeed, this wonderful crossroads, not often found in other major cities, infuses the culture with a sense of vibrancy and fun. You can spend the morning lazing under the sun on the beach, then visit inspiring design and art, eat delicious Mediterranean cuisine, enjoy the relaxed air of Catalan nightlife and explore the history of a grand city all in the one day.