Amazin Travel Tips For Bali

Amazin Travel Tips For Bali
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Best Tips Travel To Bali

Bali is a place of stupendous topographical variety. A part of the vast Indonesian archipelago, Bali has landscapes totally different from one another. A volcanic mountain chain divides the land east to west. While traveling to Bali, you would see active volcanoes, deep river gorges, white sand beaches, and terraced rice farms, all at the same time. The milky beaches line the eastern coast, active volcanoes are dotted in most of the island while the rice farms are located in Ubud.

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Diving Safaris:

Diving Safaris
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Dive sites in Bali are as diverse as sand and cotton. Diving safaris are part of all travel itineraries in Bali. While diving in Bali, one can enjoy the sandy slopes, limestone formations, shipwrecks, peaceful bays and ripping currents. Both shore and boat diving can be experienced in Bali. Liberty Shipwreck is a popular wreck diving site, Bali. Some other well-known diving spots are Amed, Tulamben Bay, Gili Tepekong, Lipah Shipwreck, Blue Lagoon, and Manta Point. Tulamben Bay is loved by the drivers for its plankton-rich water. Gili Tepekong is different for its diverse seabed.

Kintamani Volcano:

Kintamani Volcano
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On the volcano, you can enjoy the performance of Barong and Keris dance. Look some very good artworks in the local villages and view rustic life in close quarters. You can have some very good scenic views at Mount Batur. Its giant crater lake is something which delights the onlookers.

Kerambitan Palace:

Kerambitan Palace
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The palace, once the home of the Royal family, is a popular attraction for the tourists. Traditional Balinese architecture has been employed to construct the palace. The guests are welcomed with a traditional Pendet dance.

Pura Besakih Temple:

Pura Besakih Temple
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This is the most famous temple in Bali housing triple shrines arranged side by side. The elaborate tiered shrine symbolizes Gunung Maha Meru, a sacred mountain. The temple signifies the liberal thinking of the Balinese people.

Bird Park:

Bird Park
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Hundreds of rare and most beautiful birds live in the bird park. As you stroll through the garden, they would sing lovely songs to you. Look at these birds with a backdrop of ponds, waterfalls and lush vegetation. A perfect place for bird lovers.

Art Gallery Museum:

Art Gallery Museum
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Look at the specimen of Balinese architecture in Art Gallery Museum. You can see here a slew of impressionist paintings with information in Indonesian and English. If you are even slightly interested in art, you would find the museum quite interesting.

Monkey Forest Sanctuary:

Monkey Forest Sanctuary
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The sanctuary testifies that animals and human beings can co-exist peacefully. This forest sanctuary is secluded and beautiful. The foliage makes the atmosphere green. The well-paved walking path throughout the expansive forest makes walking here a pleasant experience.