Travel Guide For Namibia

Travel Guide For Namibia
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Travel Guide For Namibia

In Namibia, the main towns have an image that reflects the countries of modernity while maintaining traditions that constitute the country’s wealth. Traveling to Namibia is also starting to meet many tribes like the Afrikaners, the Herero, and Kavango. Foreign communities are also well represented with Asians and Germans.

Travel Guide For Namibia
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The essential steps to visit Namibia:

Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, may not reflect the full potential of the country, but it remains a must for the traveler. One of the most famous monuments is the museum that brings together all facets of the biodiversity in Southern Africa. It also houses the archives of the country where you can get the whole history of the region. You can also see fragments of meteorites on Post Street, one of the main economic areas of the city. Local crafts are also present with skin products real buffalo and a variety of rare gem. The nightlife is very lively in Windhoek with several clubs, opera houses, and theaters that will show you all the African culture.

essential steps
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The Etosha Park is ideal for lovers of safari and the desert landscapes are immense. This park is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, and anyone can admire the wide variety of wildlife such as eland, blue wildebeest, rhino, and hyena. One of the curiosities of the vegetation in this park is the Moringa, some of the trees similar to Baobab. The lovers of lunar landscapes will delight in the uninhabited region of the Kaokoveld, it is regarded as one of the most hostile environments on the planet. There, you can see the desert elephant which is an endemic species of this region. You can also see the traces of many coastal vessels which were stranded on the coast. Moreover, the names of the coastline reflect the fear of sailors who have called the place as Skeleton Coast. In the southwest, one can see the famous Kalahari Desert which is considered as one of the largest in the world. One of the reasons for its fame is that it was crossed by the famous Dr. Livingstone during his search for sources of the Nile. This desert is home to the famous Bushmen, an ethnic group that has completely adapted to this very hostile environment.

Etosha Park
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Where to stay in Namibia and how to get there?:

Where to stay in Namibia
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There are numerous accommodations of different standings which can cater to all travelers who want to visit the country. For those who have a modest budget, they can stay in hostels that offer overnight stays only for a few USD. The medium class hotels have an affordable price rate and in addition meals and transport are included in their price tag. Top-class hotels will cost you much more expensive but they provide several services such as restaurants, vehicles such as 4×4 safaris or others. It should be noted that the rental of a bus is the best way to travel in Namibia. For air travel, those who are traveling from Europe, the best route is from Paris or other European cities and then landing at Johannesburg Airport. From there, buses can take you to the main Namibian towns. It is interesting to take the bus from Johannesburg because it allows you to enjoy the landscape of Namibia upon arrival.

Johannesburg Airport
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