Top Tips For Travel To Italy

Colorful street in Burano, near Venice, Italy
Source: Awakening Clarity Now by Fred Davis

Travel Tips To Italy

Most people say that Euro-trip is not satisfactory without Italy.

You can see the most spectacular beauty and architectural radiance in this country. This is the reason most people travel here. This country has amazing lifestyle and culture with adopt modern day developments. You can see the beautiful city of Venice and you can enjoy the food, music, and culture. This county is full of historical places which made it a perfect travel spot.


When planning to spend your vacation in Italy, you must first consider your budget since there are a lot of things to do in this country. Having a tight budget can ruin your trip because you cannot enjoy all the attractions and spots. Here are few tips to make your Italy tour memorable.

Tourist period in Italy (June – September):

Tourist period in Italy (June - September)
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You can avail cheap tickets by purchasing outside these months since few people come to Italy; hence lesser sales. You can also avail a travel package which includes tickets and accommodation at low price.

Consider the weather:

Consider the weather

It is spring in from April to May and winter from September to November, in which winter is good if you affectionate moments in your trip.

Rome is the capital city of Italy:

Rome is the capital city of Italy
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You can find low-cost hotels in the border of the city. Most luxurious restaurants and hotels in Rome are quite expensive, so shopping malls, city bards, and food courts are enough to minimize your expenses.

The beautiful city of Venice:

The beautiful city of Venice
Source: ItalyXP

Your travel to Italy should include Venice. You cannot miss the spectacular architectural masterpieces in this city. All you need to do is bring a high-end camera and take pictures at all angles.

Italy use Euro as their Currency:

Italy use Euro as their Currency
Source: Helsinki Times

This currency is accepted in 13 European countries. Thus, if you are not from Euro country, you should have this money once you are in Italy. However, there are also currency exchange facilities that will change your current money.

Travel To Italy With Kids

Your friends and family may think you are crazy to even consider bringing your whole family on a European vacation, but it just takes a little planning to learn how to travel to Italy with kids and enjoy it! The lifetime of memories you will be making with your children will be worth any bumps in the road. Here are some tips to get you started:

Travel To Italy With Kids
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There are quite a few popular attractions that the kids will insist on visiting while in Italy. First of all, there is Bomarzo Monster Park, it’s a 16th century park with an odd assortment of grotesque mythical statues in Northern Lazio, north of Rome. Secondly, you can visit Pinocchio Park, a great place to take children when traveling in Italy. Pinocchio Park is in northern Tuscany in the village of Collodi, birthplace of the author of the Pinocchio story. Last, there is Gardaland, Italy’s largest amusement park with rollercoasters, themed attractions and water rides for the whole family. Remember, it’s Europe, not Disneyworld. It’s a good idea to prepare yourself that going to Italy won’t be like much of the travel you have probably done in the USA. You won’t find the same kid-friendly amenities and easy to navigate theme parks that you do here.

  • The food is different-but there is McDonalds. While you may be dreaming of eating in fancy restaurants, your kids will likely be dreaming of happy meals at some point. There’s usually no kids menu in most of the small trattorias, buy they will always make you pasta for children, usually pasta with butter and a bit of cheese.
  • Learn some Italian. Make the language a family affair. Kids learn language so quickly and they will have fun trying to communicate. Italians love children and will love to hear your children speak even a few words!