Top Secret Beaches in the World

World Top Secret Beaches
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World Top Secret Beaches

In this post, I will explore some of the best secret beaches in the world. Going to a secret beach is a special feeling; it’s almost like owning a beach. There is very little or no crowd at all on the beach and you can have all the privacy you want with your loved one. So, let’s get to the important part without wasting another second.

Kauapea Beach:

Kauapea Beach
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First, we will take a look at Kauapea Beach, which is also called Secret Beach. This secret beach is laid with yellow sand and has rock cliffs rising on the other end. The water in the ocean is clear blueish-green and the waves are just right for some surfing action. This beach is the perfect place to get your loved one and relax on the shore, swim in the tides or just bathe under the sun. The silence on the beach ensures that no one will disturb your intimate moments with each other. During the winter, this beach sees rising tides which make it unfit for swimming or snorkeling. But, for the rest of the year, you can indulge in some great snorkeling action on this beach. This beach is located on the Kauai island of Hawaii and is accessed by a dirt trail leading to the beach. Despite the ban on nudity in all state beaches, this beach has gained popularity for nudity.

Praia da Ingrina:

Praia da Ingrina
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Praia da Ingrina is a little paradise in itself. This beach has everything you could ask of a secret beach. Praia da Ingrina, located in Vilamoura, Portugal is a breath-taking beauty. The beach is carpeted with soft, white sand, with rising cliffs on one end. The turquoise waters of this ocean are exquisitely stunning. To add to that, this beach is practically a secret; there is hardly a soul on the shores of this beach. There is no way this beach can fail to arouse that sense of romance in you and your partner. The calm tides and solitude at the beach bring a distinct feeling of peace and serenity. Praia da Ingrina nicely avoids the tourist’s resorts nearby, and yet, it is not too far from the city. You can also indulge in activities such as surfing and diving, but you will be required to take permission before diving as certain areas are restricted.

Polihale State Beach:

Polihale State Beach
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Polihale State Beach is another, one of Hawaii beaches that feature in the top secret beaches around the world. Hawaii is famous for its many beaches and it comes as no surprise that more than one of Hawaii’s beaches should feature in the top list. This beach is quite an eye-candy for those thirsting for quality secret beaches. It is located in the west-most part of Kauai island of Hawaii and this too is led by a dirt path. This beach is by far the biggest, stretching across 17 miles from end to end. It is laid with marvelous, sparkling white sand that is soft on your sole and great to step into. There is plenty of sand on this beach; some of the sand dunes reaching a height of 100 feet. Swimming is generally prohibited on this beach; however, there is a small patch of water called the Queen’s Pond where swimming is safe. But, you should still be careful as there are no lifeguards posted on this beach to save you from drowning.