Top Five Best Airlines in Europe

Top Five Best Airlines in Europe
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Turkish Airlines:

Travel With Turkish Airline

Serving over 200 destinations, the Turkish Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in Europe. The research organization Skytrax has named this airline Europe’s best airline for two consecutive years. The airline is the national carrier service of Turkey and was founded in the year 1933. With 80 years of experience and constant strife, it has built its way upwards in becoming a successful international airline. It provides unparalleled service and luxury through high-tech facilities such as high-speed internet access and Live TV. It is also widely acknowledged for its palate-pleasing food service.


Travel In Lufthansa Airlines
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With millions of passengers choosing this national carrier of Germany for travel, Deutsche Lufthansa is the largest of its kind in Europe. It is also the proud owner of the largest fleet of aircraft’s in the world. This airline was founded in 1953 and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany. The airline was awarded the best transatlantic airline in the year 2011 by the world airline awards. The award was presented based on customer satisfaction and service quality in delivering airline front-line products.

Swiss International:

Swiss International
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Swiss International Airlines as the name suggests is the national carrier of Switzerland. This airline is a subsidiary of the world famous Lufthansa Airlines. The airlines serve the whole of Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States. The airline was formed in the year 2002 after Swissair, the former flag carrier of Switzerland filed for bankruptcy. The World Airline awarded the Swiss International Airlines the best business class on board catering for the year 2012. The award was presented for top class customer satisfaction in comfortable seating, clean food and beverages and unparalleled entertainment.


Aegean Airways
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Aegean airline is Greece’s largest airline service provider and is headquartered in Athens. The airline was formed in 1987 and has worked its way up in becoming the most important factor of Greek Tourism. The research organization Skytrax declared Aegean as the best regional airlines in Europe for the year 2011.

British Airways:

British Airways
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British Airways is the largest airline in the United Kingdom by means of fleet size and international operations. British Airways was founded in the year 1974 and is the flag carrier of the United Kingdom. The airline has managed to surpass customer expectations in most areas such as baggage handling, in-flight amenities, seat comfort, check in experience, punctuality, value and reasonableness of fees. Apart from providing exceptional passenger service British Airways is also one of the leading cargo service providers. British Airways provides some of the best in-flight technology services like AC power outlets, internet access and use of mobile phones for testing and email.