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Top 5 Place In India
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India Best Top 5 Travel Place

The very word “India” reminds us of a colorful country with diversities. Starting from cultural diversities to climatic diversities, India is one of the best countries to explore natural beauty. From the Himalayas to the cascading rivers, from the rich wildlife to the exotic beaches, from the fairs and festivals to the adventure tours, India travel as everything to be a dream destination for tourists. However, tourists going for can face the problem of plenty as there are a large number of tourist destinations in India. Hence, it would be of great help for tourists to make a list of the top 5 India travel place. They are as follows:


picturesque beaches
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Goa is known for its picturesque beaches. These beaches in Goa are perfect places to enjoy an isolated holiday as some of the beaches in Goa offer the tranquil beauty of nature. The sunken beaches act as a perfect venue for absolute relaxation, far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. These beaches make Goa a perfect place for a honeymoon destination in India. Honeymoon in Goa is very popular among the tourists. Goa also has a number of beautiful churches. These churches are not only important for their religious significance as tourists belonging to various religious communities also visit these churches to witness their magnificent architecture. Nightlife in Goa is also a major draw for the tourists. In fact, the nightlife in Goa is one of the major highlights of Tours to India. Another popular attraction of Goa is the Goa Adventure Sports. This adds a new dimension to Goa travel. The presence of a number of hotels in Goa also acts as a great advantage for the tourists. Tourists can choose the hotel according to their budget.


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Rajasthan is one of the royal retreats of India Travel. The variety of attractions in Rajasthan makes it an invincible part of the list of top 5 India Travel Place. The majestic forts, palaces, and museums impart a distinct appeal to Rajasthan tours. In fact, there is separate forts and palaces tour and colorful Rajasthan tour to allow tourists to visit the various attractions of the state. These structures reveal a lot about the rich history of the place. The fairs and festivals in Rajasthan also draw a large number of tourists. These events also portray the arts and crafts in Rajasthan. Tourists visiting the state also opt for shopping in Rajasthan. Shopping the various handicraft items is a great experience for the tourists as they can carry them back as a memento of their Rajasthan tour.


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Tour to Kerala will remain the top most priority of travelers planning for India Travel Place. In fact, Kerala tours are often the highlight of Tours to India. The blissful beauty of the backwaters of Kerala provides a soothing experience to the guests. Staying in the houseboats in the backwaters of Alleppey will surely rejuvenate the tired souls of the travelers. The undisturbed beauty of nature is soothing to both the eye and the heart. However, Kerala tourist attractions are not confined to the backwaters. The beaches in Kerala are also attractive enough for the tourists. Visiting the spice plantations in Kerala is also an integral part of the tours. There are also a number of picturesque hill stations in Kerala that add a new dimension to the tourism of the state. There are a number of tours to Kochi, Tour to Alleppey available. Travelers can make their own choice to choose the one that they think is best suited for them. Hotels in Kerala also boast of a lot of variety. The Ayurveda resorts, in particular, offer a unique experience to the travelers. Tourists can also plan their tour during the various events in Kerala. This will provide them a rare opportunity to witness the rich tradition and culture of the state.


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Mumbai will always feature in the list of Top 5 India travel destinations. Plenty of tourist attractions in Mumbai alongside its importance as the commercial capital of India earns Mumbai a significant status in the tourism map of India. The tourism of this city has always had a magnetic effect on tourists from far and wide. There are a number of tourist attractions in Mumbai like Flora Fountain, Gateway of India, Juhu Beach, Prince of Wales Museum etc. The number of majestic structures in the city that reflect the rich history, associated with the city. Entertainment in Mumbai is also considered one of the prime reasons to draw tourists. In fact, this city is the entertainment hub of the country. Being the commercial capital of India, the city has some of the better hotels in the country. Hotels in Mumbai are available in a variety of category ranging from luxury deluxe hotels to budget hotels. Tour packages for Mumbai are also in high demand as a large number of tourists from different parts of the globe eagerly waits to visit this dream city.

New Delhi:

New Delhi
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New Delhi is the best city in the country which strikes a perfect balance between history and modernity. Moving through this city will be a unique experience as very few other cities portray such a diverse character with history and modernity coexisting in such a wonderful manner. Tourist attractions in New Delhi imbibe this same character as it includes historic buildings like Parliament House besides having some world class shopping malls. If you are overwhelmed while traveling through the city by the modern metro railway, the very next moment you will be mesmerized to witness the majestic architecture of the Red Fort. Events in Delhi are also of great attraction for the tourists as the city has the history of hosting events of international events like