Top 5 Insanely Beautiful Beaches

Top 5 Insanely Beautiful Beaches
Source: Wanderlust Storytellers

Insanely Beautiful Beaches On Australia:

Australia is known for its stunning coastlines, surfing and a laid back sun lover attitude.

In fact the majority of Australia’s population revolves around the coastlines, mainly on the eastern side. Inland is an arid, dry desert known as ‘The Outback’.

Australia’s climate and environment is so vast and varied from one corner to the next, from one coastline to the other, both north and south and east and west. This gives any visitor to Australia or even local residents a holiday that is full of adventure in various settings.

As for the beaches each and every beach along the Australian coastlines has something uniquely beautiful to offer but there are those that of course stand out from the rest.

Insanely Beautiful Beaches On Australia

These are my choices of the best beaches in Australia.

1. Bells Beach:

Near the town of Torquay and along the famous Great Ocean Road is Bells Beach. This is probably Australia’s most world known beaches, particularly for its surfing.

The beach even made Hollywood at the end of the movie Point Break, claiming they were surfing the gigantic waves here however this was not the location they actually used in the film.

Bells Beach is also the home to the longest running national surf comp in Australia, the place of creating and discovering Australia’s best surfing champions.

Bells Beach

2. Bondi Beach:

Bondi Beach located in the New South Wales capital of Sydney brings in thousands if not hundreds of thousands of visitors each and every summer.

Bondi Beach has become a popular spot for tourists and so hostels, hotels, bars and clubs were sure to follow.

Another advantage of visiting Sydney’s Bondi Beach is that it is located just a ten to fifteen minute bus trip from the city centre making it more accessible then the southern beaches such as Cronulla or the northern side of say Dee Why or Narrabeen.

Bondi Beach

3. Byron Bay Beach:

Another popular spot for visitors to New South Wales can be found in the beautiful northern town of Byron Bay.

Byron Bay is Australia’s most eastern point along the coast so the weather can be wild, creating amazing swells, although sometimes too choppy as well a tropical climate due to the northern position in the state.

Visitors to Byron Bay can either fly into Coffs Harbour of Queensland’s Gold Coast and take a bus or hire a car from there.

Many of Australia’s biggest music festivals are also held in Byron Bay such as the Blues & Roots Festival and Splendour in the Grass. Byron Bay gets inundated during these peak times and booking would need to be made at least 12 months in advance if you are to book these periods.

Byron Bay Beach

4. Cable Beach:

All the way on the other side of Australia is the iconic Cable Beach in Western Australia and on the Indian Ocean.

Famous for its wildlife and remoteness, Cable Beach is an amazing and picturesque beach to visit in Australia.

This beach is a photographer’s dream destination. Cable beach has aqua blue waters that look very different to the eastern side’s waters of the Pacific Ocean and has beautiful white sand beaches that meet the orange, red dirt of ‘The Outback’.

Cable Beach

5. Whitehaven Beach:

Whitehaven Beach is located in what I personally think Australia’s most beautiful, tropical regions; the Whitsundays.

Whitehaven is a 7km stretch of the whitest sands found on Australia’s beaches, possible in the world. It has been shown on many tourism sites, brochures and even then Qantas Airways ads to promote Australia’s beauty.

Whitehaven Beach