Top 5 Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Top 5 Beautiful Places in Pakistan
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Pakistan Beautiful Place

Pakistan is home to many beautiful and breathtaking sites. Are you planning on visiting Pakistan and don’t know the places that you should visit? Here are 5 of the best places that you should visit:

Faisal Mosque:

Faisal Mosque

Located at the north end of Faisal Avenue in Islamabad, Faisal mosque is the largest mosque in the country. It was designed by Vedat Dalokay, a Turkish architect and it was the largest mosque in the world from 1986-1993.

The mosque is famous for its Bedouin’s tent look and it covers an area of 54,00 sq ft. The main prayer hall can accommodate up to 10,000 worshippers. The mosque is named after the late king Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz of Saud Arabia who financed the project.

Neelam Valley:

Neelam Valley
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It’s a 200 km valley that runs through a thick forest. It’s located in the north-east of Muzaffarabad which is one of the major cities of Pakistan and the capital city of Azad Kashmir. The valley is known for its springs, lakes, streams, lush greenery, beautiful hills, and sloppy mountains.

To get to the valley you should use the road. You should note that the road from Karen to Kel isn’t in good condition; therefore, you should use a high floor vehicle.

While you are in the city, there are many other areas that you can visit. They include a red fort, Kaghan valley, Suri lake, Danna, Jehlum valley, Lahar Gali, Makra mountain, Pir Chansi and Machiara national park.

Wagah Border:

Wagah Border
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This is the border between Pakistan, Lahore, and Amritsar in India. It’s known for its daily flag lowering ceremony which is carried out by both countries (India and Pakistan) before sunset. During the ceremony, soldiers from both countries carry out a parade which leads to the lowering of flags. The soldiers then fold the flags and exchange handshakes.

The most amusing thing is that this ceremony is witnessed daily by spectators in Lahore and Amritsar where there is chanting and singing. To witness the ceremony you only need to be at the border before sunset.

Pir Sohawa:

Pir Sohawa
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It stands on the Margalla hills at an elevation of 5000 feet. In addition to giving you a breathtaking view of Pakistan, the spot also provides you with great places where you can take leisure walks. Due to its nature, this spot is ideal for picnics and enjoying the cool breeze of the hills. You can also visit the site to simply enjoy the panoramic view of Pakistan.

Swat Valley:

Swat Valley
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It’s also known as the Switzerland of Pakistan due to its great beauty. In addition to being a valley, it’s also the administrative district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Some of the sites that you can visit include Mahodand valley and lake, Usher forest, Malam Jabba, Bonir, Swat museum, Bahrain, Kalam, Saidu Sharif and Der.


These are some of the best places that you can visit in Pakistan. It’s often said that seeing is believing so, stop reading about Pakistan in the papers come and visit this great country.