Take Cheap Flights to New York to See Central Park’s Top Five Attractions

New York to See Central Park's
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Cheap Flights To New York:

If you’re booking flights to New York, you’ve probably got a list of things you would like to see and do while exploring the city. Central Park, the city’s famous green haven, is likely to be high on your list; however, did you know there is a wide range of things to do while you’re exploring it? For five of the best, read on.

After taking cheap flights to New York, Central Park is the ultimate place to relax. Whether you want to head there first to unwind after your flight or if you would rather explore the famous buildings of the metropolis first, you’ll find the park will not disappoint.

Cheap Flights To New York
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And while it is perfect for gentle, relaxing walks or long afternoon picnics in the sun, there are also many other things you can do besides, so don’t forgot to make the most of your time there.

Perhaps the first place to visit is Bethesda Terrace, which was intended to be the very heart of the park. The views here are famous, from the impressive fountain and lake to the carvings of the terrace itself. And while it’s a gorgeous place to be at any time of year, it’s particularly wonderful in summer, where musicians frequently perform in the sunshine.

If it’s views over the park that you’re after, Belvedere Castle is a must. Built on Vista Rock, one of the highest points in the park, the castle is a Victorian structure from which incredible views over the greenery below can be seen. It is also the site of the Henry Luce Nature Observatory, where visitors can learn more about the park’s wildlife.

This is an especially good place for children to visit and discover more about the nature they will be able to spot close by. But this isn’t the only attraction for children. The Wildlife Sanctuary and Children’s Zoo is the perfect place to take youngsters keen to see cute and curious creatures.

In the sanctuary, they will be able to see penguins, sea lions and polar bears, to name but a few, while in the petting zoo they can meet some of the park’s sheep, cows and pigs.

However, if you’re on a romantic trip with your partner or are simply looking for peaceful, picturesque surroundings, take a walk in Shakespeare Garden. Here you will find yourself surrounded by all kinds of beautiful blooms, such as daffodils, roses and tulips. Sitting on a bench under one of the garden’s lush trees is the perfect place to enjoy a little quiet time after flights to the Big Apple.

Cheap Flights To New York
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The park also houses cultural attractions – and none is more famous than Strawberry Fields. Named after a famous Beatles’ song, this garden is kept in memory of band member John Lennon. Reputedly Lennon’s favorite area in the park, it is now flocked to by hundreds of fans each year. The entranceway is marked with an impressive mosaic spelling ‘Imagine’, where tributes are still left today.

And there is much else to see in the park besides.:With vast areas allocated to playing sports, you can spend the afternoon watching locals practice their skills, or visit the skating areas to test your balance. Of course, you can simply find a quiet area to spend the day reading or picnicking with friends before heading out into the city to discover its famous sights.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: one of the city’s top attractions – is particularly close by and is sure to be a highlight for art fans. If you’re keen to see the buildings the Big Apple is so famous for, however, be sure to travel to the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.

Meanwhile, hitting the shops is a great way to get into the spirit of New York, with so many huge department stores and designer labels waiting for you. Indeed, some of these have almost become attractions in their own right, such as Macy’s and Bloomingdales.