Six Top Mysterious Places You Should Visit

Mysterious Places On Earth
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Mysterious Places On Earth 

Both the Mother Nature and human civilization has designed many wonders on earth that are truly mysterious and travelers with the lust for adventure still love to discover these places. Here is our list of the most mysterious places on earth:

The Bermuda Triangle:

The Bermuda Triangle

This is the most renowned mysterious place, the existence of which has evolved many controversies. It is a triangular geographical area in the Atlantic Ocean which is composed by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. It is said that ships, submarines, and planes have all disappeared within this triangle, without any explanations.

Winchester Mystery House:

Winchester Mystery House
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This is one of the most mysterious houses in the world – built by Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Wirt Winchester. Sarah was scared that the spirits of those who died by Winchester’s gun would chase her if she stopped the construction process of her mansion. Thus, ceaselessly, she continued to build her mansion without any proper structure with no staircases and many unnecessary additions.



Roswell, located in New Mexico, USA is considered as the most popular site where a UFO had crashed. Not only alien technology but bodies of aliens were said to have been recovered from the site. Moreover, the military operation in the Area-51of Roswell has made the place more mysterious.


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This is an ideal instance of nature created mystery. Situated in Antarctica, McMurdo is a collection of geysers, from where red water rich in iron oxide gushes out. It is also famous for its strange geographical location.

Nazca Lines:

Nazca Lines
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Nazca Lines are found in the heart of the Nazca desert, located in Peru. The Nazca Lines is a composition of some huge unusual designs on the surface of the desert created by some ancient civilization. They are quite big in size and the designs can be viewed from the air only. The patterns are composed of animal or geometric shapes and sometimes they are straight lines also. But the source of its origin is still a mystery.


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Kalkajaka is Australia’s Black mountain, which is not actually black but composed of gray rocks, blue-green in color. This gives the mountain a strange black appearance. The mountain has some passages, which is quite confusing, offering a near underworld feeling. The uncanny noises and the magnetic interruption in the air have made the mountain truly mysterious.

These are only a few mysterious places that beckon adventure seekers from across the world.