Scariest Places In The World

World Top Scariest Place

World Top Scariest Place

When people think of the world’s scariest place, they would probably pin-point places where Count Dracula and Vampires can be found. If not, they would perhaps say the cemetery where the dead are buried or even prisons. Little do they know that their house could be the world’s scariest place look around you especially at night when everyone else is asleep and stillness fills the air, you may not know it but there might be people accompanying you and observing you. The only thing is you cannot see them back but you can feel their eyes glued on you.

Scariest Places In The World

If we try to go research about the place where we are living right now, it is possible that we might discover a lot of interesting things. Like perhaps your lot was once a cemetery during the ancient times or a place where people where executed and many lives were taken. How can you be so sure that there are no other elements lurking around? Have you experienced getting goose bumps that you cannot explain? Many people have claimed to experience this and they say that is because a presence just passed by or is around you.

The truth is while I am working on this article and trying to explain to you how our homes could be considered as the world’s scariest place; I also get a little goose bumps. Perhaps because it is around two in the morning and it is believed that this is the time where spirits are taking over the place. You really do not have to look elsewhere because what you are looking for may just be right where you are at right now. Try to feel their presence and you would know what I mean unless of course if you are gifted with extra sensory perception then it is already common for you to see various elements.

The world’s scariest place is just where you are at right now. You are lucky if the spirits that live with you are good but unfortunate if it is the bad ones. There are rituals to make the spirits go away but if they are just friendly guests at you home you really do not have to make them go. As a matter of fact they could be doing good to your home like watching over it while you are gone. I believe every home is haunted with a past. Perhaps a family lived there before or the property was once a place where a lot of people were buried.

Scariest Place In Ireland’s:

Scariest Place In Ireland's

Ireland is somewhat infamous the world over for its haunted castles and landmarks. Listed below is one of the most renowned creepy places in the country. Read on and be prepared to be spooked at your wit’s end.

One of the oldest castles in Ireland, Malahide Castle at present is regarded for its splendid gardens, a recent, not to mention magnificent, restoration job, and for being established as a concert grounds where artists such as Pink, Joe Cocker and Eric Clapton have preformed.

Ireland, Malahide Castle
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The estate was, before 1976, the home of the prominent Talbot family. The Talbot clan is one of aristocratic families in England which considers the Norman conquerors of England as their ancestors. The story of the castle’s haunting started like this. A court jester named Puck worked for the Talbot family. However, things began to go asunder when Puck fell in love with the noblewoman named Lady Leonora who was a follower of Fitzgerald. Like any heartbreaking story, not even fate seemed to approve of his interests for the noblewoman. One fateful night, the disconsolate jester was seen bleeding to death outside the castle walls due to a stab through the heart. Just before dying, it is told that he made his death wish to haunt the castle for eternity. Rumors have it that he made an apparition in 1976 to show his disapproval of the sale of the estate and its objects d’ar. Until now, people believe that the jester still “jokes around”, spooking people to avenge his untimely death and lost love.

England Scariest Place
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