Most Dangerous Place In The World

Most Dangerous Place In The World
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World’s Most Dangerous Places

Traveling can be fun and exciting in a lot of ways but when you are in a foreign land, you are also putting your safety at risk. There are also things that you have to be careful about when you go on a vacation. It is not enough that you just forget everything and just focus on the excitement. You have to be cautious because you will be in an unfamiliar place and you will be meeting people you have never seen before. You do not know what could happen to you so in this article, I will be discussing some of the dangerous places that you should if not totally avoid then watch out for.

Dangerous Places

I know that danger is just lurking behind wherever you go and whatever you do. Just one wrong move can make you regret things so it is better that you know so that at least you can prevent certain incidents to occur. It is actually everyone’s dream to travel the entire world but sometimes there is a price to pay for being too adventurous. I am not trying to stop you from pursuing your goal but I am just here to warn you so that when you decide to travel to other countries, you can avoid these places and choose a lot safer countries.

Dangerous Places in the World

Source: Places You’ll SeeI am sure everyone knows about Afghanistan. And what comes to mind when you hear this word is war. There are a lot of bombings that happen on a regular basis and you would not want to be one of the victims of warfare agents right? Your purpose of traveling is to enjoy and not to put yourself in this kind of situation. As a matter of fact there has been a declaration that traveling all over Afghanistan is not safe because of the never ending military operations. You would not want to go home with one arm and no legs.

Another is Iraq. The reason is clear. The situation is almost similar to Afghanistan. Violence is prevalent so it is wise to just stay away from it.

Dangerous Places in the iraq
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Venezuela is also another country that you should watch out for. Their leader, Hugo Chavez does not like almost all countries in the world. Homicide and other forms of violence also exist. It is not one of the favored destinations for your family as shooting is also everywhere.

Dangerous Places in the Venezuela

Haiti is also included on the list. Violence is also present there where kidnappers just go around the place and look for victims and it does not matter what your age, gender or race is, they will still hurt you. Earthquake is also one of the reasons for making this a dangerous country to visit.

Dangerous Places in the Haiti
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Lastly, Somalia is one notorious country where terrorist activities flood all over the place. All forms of violence are here from kidnapping to murder to banditry, there is no way that this becomes a tourist attraction.

So now that you know what are some of the dangerous places in this world, it is better to just avoid these and visit other places instead where it is much safer and peaceful.