Luxury Travel To Morocco


Best Luxury Travel In Morocco

Morocco embodies exotic luxury travel – from the rich spices in the cuisine to the bustling marketplaces and camel rides along the beach, it’s a place of discovery and delight.

Best Luxury Travel In Morocco

Where Not to Miss:


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Morocco’s capital city is alive with the sights and sounds of its unique culture and is perfect for a spot of luxury travel all year round – although be prepared for the heat during summer. For starters, the shopping possibilities are endless – from well-made designer fakes to traditional jewelry, carpets, and antiques, you can find anything and everything in the souks (markets) of Marrakesh. Amongst all these products, there are some true bargains to be had – just be sure to haggle over the price with the seller!

Even those who don’t want to shop can still find something for them here, however. The hectic atmosphere inside the dark mazes of the souks is unbeatable and, when night falls, food stalls and entertainment begins to emerge nearby to tempt both locals and visitors to linger. The center of it all is Djemaa El Fna – a vast square in the Old City which is as often filled with dancing monkeys and acrobats as fresh orange juice or figs. This is one of the busiest squares in Africa and the world.


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Down on the coast, the walled city of Essaouira nestles on the wind-swept Atlantic Ocean. The well-preserved battlements can still be walked along for great views into the city below and out to sea. Inside the walls, twisting narrow streets and old-fashioned buildings are packed with visitors, restaurants, and more excellent shopping. The real highlight, however, is the fish market, where the daily catch is proudly displayed and cooked up fresh whilst you sit at little wooden benches in between the stalls.

The beach is popular all year round, thanks to a great culture of windsurfing during the breezier months and long stretches of sand dunes that are perfect for secluded sunbathing in the summer. Surfing and body boarding are also big sports for locals and visitors alike – hire a board and a suit from one of the shops along the seafront and dive straight in.


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Casablanca is a very different city, and should not be missed for its important contrast to the ancient rumble of Essaouira and Marrakesh. The economical and cultural capital of Morocco, it represents the country’s contemporary side and is also much more cosmopolitan (and open to Western ideas) than the other cities.

Influence by both European and African ideals, Casablanca is a stunning place of contradictions – traffic jams contrast wide boulevards and shanty towns make a striking backdrop to the well-kept parks and colonial architecture. Modernism is always at its heart, however, in the art-deco architecture and enormous landmark, the ornate Hassan II Mosque.