Luxury Travel In Qatar

Luxury Travel In Qatar
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Travel To Qatar First Time

Qatar’s capital city, Doha is a flourishing tourist destination. The city encourages patrons to invest on flights tickets and unearth a wide assemblage of things and activities that need to be explored and enjoyed.

Experience the enamoring beauty of Doha, the capital city of Qatar, a fast-blossoming Middle East country that thrives on its glorious parade of cultural attractions, remarkable monuments, interesting museums, mesmeric historical emblems and refreshing sporting activities. Doha has come to represent all this and much more on behalf of Qatar. With its lap full of noteworthy sightseeing and interesting recreational pursuits, Doha has been pushed right at the global tourism’s acme, right among the world’s biggest holiday destinations.

Doha has realized its tourism potential and has sought to capitalize on it by promoting modern luxury hotels, and well-maintained seaports and airports. Almost every key destination on this globe is connected to Doha via direct/indirect flights. With the modern accompanying the traditional, it goes without saying that there is a lot to do in the city after blocking tickets on flights to the region.

Explore the Cultural and Historical Flair:

Explore the Cultural and Historical Flair
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Holiday-makers who are pushing hard to pocket flights tickets for Doha are more or less convinced that it the cultural aspect of the metropolis that holds the most appeal. The place is indeed a fine treasure trove of glittering cultural and heritage gems. The many forts and towers that dot the landscape are evidences to the architectural glory that once marked the civilisation in Qatar. Doha Fort is perhaps the biggest attraction that awaits culturally-inclined souls who are boarding flights to visit the destination. Doha Fort is home to different exhibits such as Bedouin Sadu, fishing boats, handcrafts and wooden ornaments. Al Zubara Fort & Museum is another indispensable part of holiday itinerary concocted by history enthusiasts. It is one of the oldest museums in Qatar and is most famous for holding an ancient fort.

Shop till You Drop!:

Shop till You Drop!
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Shopping is a vital aspect will any holiday and more so when the holiday is to be spent amidst the Middle Eastern settings. People spending money on air tickets can go a step further and splurge some on traditional or modern shopping. Those who love a good bargain wouldn’t mind moseying along the meandering laneways of the Gold Souq and Souk Waqif. Almost everything can be found here. On the other hand, if the desire is to enjoy the air-conditioned shopping extravaganza, the Doha City Center is way to go. Around 200 international luxury and retail stores can be found here. Make sure you save some money on flights tickets while getting to Doha in order to splurge it here! Villagio Mall, an Italian-themed shopping and entertainment mall, is not a bad option either to spend some money saved on cheap flights! Other options include Landmark Mall and Exclusive Boutique on the Pearl Doha.

Go for a Cruise:

Go for a Cruise
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Certain things/activities become synonymous with the place and it becomes almost obligatory to experience them out while at that particular place. In India, it is visiting Taj Mahal. It could be gambling in Las Vegas. In Doha, it is taking a cruise on a traditional boat known as “Dhow”. It sure is no fun to spend hundreds of dollars on air tickets for flights to the city unless you choose to incorporate a cruise to the Doha Corniche from the Pearl islands. Take in the skyline of Doha along the way!

Experience the Thrill of Desert Safari:

Experience the Thrill of Desert Safari

Doha is one of those rare places that let the varying shades of nature add color to the holidays of travelers in Qatar. After a cruise, embark on a Desert Safari adventure to truly take in delights put forth by the radiant land of Doha. Use 4 x 4 jeeps to drive to the edge of the desert and be welcomed by traditional charms of the region, highlighted by the Bedouin-style tents. Fight and subdue the sand dunes and sandy mountains and get the adrenalin high! Drive a bit further to find the perfect portrait of congregating of the blue seas and the golden dunes. It sure is a sight that renders the effort and money spent on procuring cheap air tickets rather less upsetting!

Enjoy the Nightlife:

Enjoy the Nightlife
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Doha is a conservative city and the nightlife here is not the kind that can actually compel party lovers to jump aboard flights, but once here you will find the prospective not so bad after all. There are dozens of wonderful bars and restaurants that dot the area. Having a good time is not a much stretch with a lot happening in many of Doha’s top lounges and bars. The Pearl-Qatar is not place to check out some international hangout zones.

Plan a Visit to Al Maha Sanctuary:

Plan a Visit to Al Maha Sanctuary
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Al Maha Sanctuary deserves a sole categorisation. Millions of holiday-makers who invest on flights tickets to travel to Doha make it a point to visit the Arabian Sanctuary, also known as the Arabian Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to the Arabian Oryx, an endangered desert deer species. The animal has a milky-white coat and curved, sharp horns. The place is managed by the Department of Wildlife Conservation.