Best Hotels & Resorts In Europe

Best Hotels & Resorts In Europe
Source: Small Luxury Hotels

Hotels & Resorts In Europe

People travel for different reasons – some travel for the sake of adventure, while some travel because they want to be exposed to a different culture or lifestyle. The list could go on and on, and it brings light to the fact that since people travel with different reasons, it also follows that travel deals must be tailored to each traveler’s motivation. For luxury holidays, one of the determiners of a good vacation is their accommodation. The hotels must give them a taste of the lifestyle the went to that place for. This, among many other reasons, is exactly why European hotels are popular. We have already covered the most popular ones in a separate entry, so this time we’ll take a look at three of the most underrated, yet equally breathtaking ones:

Best Hotels & Resorts In Europe
Source: Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Hotel Cala Di Volpe, Sardinia:

Hotel Cala Di Volpe, Sardinia
Source: My Luxury

This quaint hotel situated near the Cala Di Volpe Bay is inspired by its surroundings. It was designed to appear like a traditional fishing village, except it came out as a bit more sophisticated and perfect for the accommodation needs of both a budget traveler and a luxury traveler. It also offers a panoramic view of the Cala Di Volpe Bay, which a lot of vacationers consider to be one of the most attractive features of the hotel.

Corinthia Hotel, London, UK:

Corinthia Hotel, London
Source: London Booking Network Ltd

If there one thing that is note-worthy about this hotel, it is the fact that it has successfully married the concept of traditional and contemporary. This Victorian building that is recorded to have been erected in 1885 is refurbished with new rooms that will cater to every need of its guests-whether it’s a single room, a suite, or a whole penthouse. The hotel also gives you an excellent view of the River Thames so you can have better appreciation for the top-rated vacation you’re in.

Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland:

Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland

If you are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary experience, then this is the right choice for you. Have you ever thought of sleeping in an igloo? The Kakslauttanen Hotel in Finland gives you a chance to enjoy that experience minus the frills of being in an actual igloo. In short, this is a more luxurious version of the igloo, and the glass panes gives you an amazing view of the northern lights when you lie down in your comfy bed.

Knowing that these kinds of hotels exist is enough to make you jump on the next flight for a European vacation, right? Just wait, because this is just the first part of our feature on European hotels. Stay tuned because the next part of this will surely make your jaw drop in awe!