Beautiful Beaches of the World

Beautiful Beaches of the World
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World Most Beautiful Beaches:

Those who like water sports can prefer to go to the beach destination for their vacation. In all over the world, various beach destinations are present. Countries like Turkey, United States have wide varieties of beaches. Due to its soft sand and bluish color water, every year, the number of tourists is increasing. From all over the world, visitors come to this place. In the below list, 10 best beaches are mentioned.

Patara Beach: This is one of the longest beaches which are present in the Mediterranean. This beach is considered as the best beach of the world by the Sunday times. For accommodation, various rest rooms, hotels and resorts are available.

Patara Beach

The Manuel Antonio beaches: This beach is very famous because of its well equipped facilities. This is the most crowded beach and to accommodate visitors, it has luxurious hotels. People enjoy here water sports like scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling and swimming.

The Manuel Antonio beaches

Olimpos: To spend romantic time with your special ones, then you will definitely like this place. Its relaxed atmosphere make ever tourist happy. This beach is quite smaller than above mentioned beaches. The most of the area is covered with huge forest. These forests are heavily filled with roam ruins.

Olimpos Beach

Side: Those who don’t like wasting their time in traveling can find side is the ideal place. This destination is more popular among the group tourists. This beach is full of fins sand. One village is also situated here. To explore some amazing roman ruins, this place is just perfect.


Iztuzu Beach: It is one of the top beaches of the world. From the town of Dalyan, with twenty minutes of a boat ride, you reach this place. The water of this beach is warm and shallow.

iztuzu beach

Cleopatra’s Beach- This beach is considered as the best beach in the world. This place is splendid and very popular in the whole world. Here, you will find quality accommodation services. Near to this place, old fortress is present.

Caladesi Island State Park Beach: This place is having numerous small sized beaches. Visitors will definitely find this as the best beaches in the world. This place is generally suitable for one day vacations. Some beaches are developed from small pebbles.

Caladesi Island State Park Beach

Bodrun: This beach is the home for original mausoleum. Castle of St Peter is the land mark of this destination. The beaches which are present here are quite small in size. But due to its eye catching scenery, people like to visit this place.


Joseph Peninsula State Park: This beach is known as one of the best beaches of the world which is present in the Florida city. It has more than ten miles of area which is covered with soft and white sand. Due to its wide varieties of species of bird, many bird watchers visit to this place. Tourists enjoy there sunbathing, biking, hiking and bird watching activities.

Joseph Peninsula State Park