Amazing Tips For Travel To Shanghai

Amazing Tips For Travel To Shanghai
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Shanghai Travel Guide

The largest city in terms of population in the People’s Republic of China is the city of Shanghai. In fact, Shanghai is reported to be the most populated city in the world. It gained recognition even from Europe due to its strategic location by the sea. It was also recognized for its huge economic potential. It became the economic center of the east and the west.

Shanghai Travel Guide
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After many years of stagnation, Shanghai has recently experienced one of the quickest economic growth in the world. It has more skyscrapers than New York. There are beautiful hotels and shopping malls. The Shanghai population of 21 million has the highest incomes in mainland China. And they use this income lavishly as is evidenced by the many luxurious, celebrity class restaurants and designer shops.

Shanghai’s Attractions:

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Shanghai is a city that has numerous tourist attractions, though they may not be obvious to the first time traveler. Most of its attractions are in the west of Huangpu River. Others are in the Bund. But the Oriental Pearl Television Tower is Shanghai’s main landmark. It has an antenna so high it is most of the times covered in mist. Taking a tour in the Huangpu River reveals the good attractions.

Nanjing Lu Street of Shanghai is reputed to be the busiest one in China. Along the street are numerous attractive art galleries. The Old City south of this street has the attractive classical Yu Yuan garden. Shanghai serves as the technology center of China and it is a popular traveling destination to many visitors from all over the world. One will find a nice blend of culture with western and oriental cultures coming together in a nice way. It, therefore, provides a memorable visit to anyone will a good taste of the attractions it offers.

Types of Tourism:

Types of Tourism

Shanghai tourism comes in two styles, the traditional and fashionable. This means that whatever your preferences, you will find something to attract you. The Yu Yuan Garden, the Huangpu River and the central business district offer the modern aspect of Shanghai. For those interested to savor the traditional aspects of Shanghai, they will find Shikumen an attraction. Here you will even get traditional Shanghai food. There are water towns within Shanghai which offer serene tourism options. There are also restaurants that offer tasty snacks like the famous Cheng Huang Miao.

Shanghai Shopping:

Shanghai Shopping

Any visitor will enjoy its wonderful shopping experiences. In fact, Shanghai has variously been referred to as the “Oriental Paris” and the “Shopping Paradise”. There are magnificent modern malls along Nanjing Road which is reputed as China’s Number One Commercial Street. The shops here boast of visits of up to 1.7 people every day. There are also curio streets from where a visitor can buy some ancient oriental items. But they do not allow bargaining here! You can also buy a suit that goes with your stature on Shanghai’s Shimen Road, even if it is for fun!