A Guide To Traveling In Germany

A Guide To Traveling In Germany
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Travel To Germany

Germany was one of the last European states to unite in the last centuries. Each city in Germany has its own unique style, influenced by its European history and the surrounding region. Each of these cities is different and while you travel in Germany, you will notice a whole different city each time you travel.

Travel To Germany
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Germany is the most historical destination Europe has to offer from the high mountains in the South, which are in Bavaria, and the beautiful green landscape that goes from central Germany to the coast of the Baltic Sea, your travel in Germany will not be a disappointment. Most of Germany looks like a state packed with small villages, old towns, and railways that will remind you of the historical significance Germany had in Europe’s history. Many churches also litter the landscape of Germany as Roman influence is apparent.

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Many of the cities in Germany have very extraordinary surprise for those travelers who enjoy trying different food and drink. Top quality German food can be found in each region which has its own unique style.Most range from light salads to whole steak meals. Germany’s foods are also accompanied by world famous beers and wines that are homemade in the state. A notable beer to try is Bitburger which is made in the city of Bitburg Germany in the Rhineland Platz. All these famous cuisines and drinks will ensure your travels to Germany end in a culinary experience of a lifetime.

Travel To Germany
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Southwest Germany offers some of Europe’s most well-known cities to which include Heidelberg and Tubingen. In the western part of Germany, many cities have French influence, which includes Cologne, and Dusseldorf. Cologne is the heart of Germany and you are able to take a train that goes to many other European destinations. This is uncommon in many other cities in Germany. Trier should be a point of interest for you as well because it’s the oldest city in Germany and used to be the former capital of the Roman Empire. The Porta Negra in Trier is one of the last castle Roman castle entrances left standing in Trier.

In modern times, Germany is an industrial powerhouse. Many of the world’s most well-known car makers, VW, and BMW are made in this country and Frankfurt is Germany’s biggest-business district housing all of Germany’s major banks. Frankfurt would be of interest to you in your travels, if you prefer a city setting. With this being said, the standard of living in Germany is one notch above the rest and ranks high in the world today.

Travel To Germany
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5 Things to Know When Travelling to Germany:

Germany is undoubtedly one of the excellent places to visit in Europe, and there are a myriad of reasons for this. It goes without saying that traveling in Germany allows tourists to appreciate not only its technological advancements, but also its natural sceneries as well as its rich culture and history.

1.How to Go to Germany:

When traveling in Germany, you can opt for air travel as there are various international airports located in the country. If you are from the United States of America, a visa is particularly not needed since a passport will do, just as long as this is valid for at least six months.

2.Choosing an Escorted Tour:

Traveling in Germany is easier with a tour guide, especially if you want to increase your knowledge on the significant information about this European country. Not only will you be saved from all the hassles of traveling, you may also enjoy the companion of the tour group’s members. Aside from this, if you are not comfortable traveling in Germany with a group, then you can opt for an independent touring.

3.Germany Oktoberfest:

Germany Oktoberfest
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If you want to make the most of your vacation in the country, you may want to join the Munich’s 16-day Oktoberfest, even for at least a day. This is perfect for tourists who just love beers. However, you do not necessarily need to get drunk just so you could enjoy the festival, which also introduces the country’s Bavarian culture.

4.Getting Around:

It is particularly easier to get around Germany if you join a tour, which may focus on city-hopping via intercity trains or domestic flights. Aside from these, traveling in Germany is made more possible via a bus or hiring a car.


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Lastly, traveling in Germany can be more relaxing if you are comfortable with your chosen accommodation. From budget bed & breakfasts (B&B’s) to luxurious hotels, Germany has it all!