7 Insanely Beautiful Beaches

7 Insanely Beautiful Beaches
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Beautiful Beaches:

Australia is a land of many beautiful natural attractions, with many of our national treasures great examples of the work of Mother Nature. Australia’s beaches are among some of the best in the world, with many famous both nationally and internationally.

New South Wales is home to some of the country’s best beaches and is an ideal destination for a coastal escape. Some of Australia’s best beaches can be found here, making it a must-visit when it comes to discovering the best beaches on offer in this Great Southern Land.

Beautiful Beaches of NSW
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Bondi Beach:

Easily Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi has made its mark across the world and is a place that should be visited by every Australian. However, with great fame, come great crowds. Lifeguards constantly patrol the beach as hundreds, and often thousands swarm to its shores during the summer months. However, if you catch the beach on a slow day you will be able to marvel at its natural beauty and discover just why it is so popular.

Bondi Beach
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Byron Bay:

A visit to the North coast of New South Wales simply wouldn’t be complete without a stop in the acclaimed coastal town of Byron Bay. The beaches here are magnificent, with Main Beach a popular choice owing to its prime position right on the doorstep of town. Wategos Beach is another fantastic beach in the bay and is perfect for swimming and surfing. The laidback, beach lifestyle of this tourist Mecca adds to its appeal and makes it a location you simply cannot miss.

Byron Bay
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Jervis Bay:

Jervis Bay is an incredible coastal destination, stretching 15 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide. The sparkling blue waters of the bay are lined with beautiful white sand beaches, including Culburra Beach, Callala Beach and Green Patch Beach. These glorious beaches are characterised by their crystal clear waters and are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking.

Jervis Bay
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Kingscliff Beach:

Located just south of the Queensland border, Kingscliff Beach has fast become a coastal hub of activity, boasting golden, windswept beaches and a metropolitan lifestyle. Kingscliff is also located close to¬†beautiful Cabarita Beach, which is also regarded as another of the state’s most magnificent beaches.

Kingscliff Beach
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Port Stephens:

Port Stephens is home to 26 superb beaches, each of which boasts something unique and beautiful. Beaches like Fignal and Shoal Bay are popular with tourists and are ideal for families. This aquatic paradise is dotted with spectacular headlands and lookouts and is a truly stunning section of the New South Wales coastline.

Port Stephens

Forster/Tuncurry Beaches:

The Forster and Tuncurry region is one of brilliant contrasts and charming beaches. Nine Mile Beach and Rockpool is perfect for families with young children, while Pebbly Beach offers a more secluded coastal location. The crystal clear waters of these beaches is sure to enchant and delight and will make you appreciate the wonders of nature in a whole different light.

Forster/Tuncurry Beaches
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Seven Mile Beach:

Located within its own National Park, Seven Mile Beach is situated along Geroa Road, towards Nowra. This lovely secluded beach is enclosed by superb sand dunes and a variety of coastal sand forests. Many choose to simply pass this one by, but if you do pay a visit you will discover great fishing opportunities, a fantastic swell for surfing and an untouched beauty the more commercialised beaches simply can’t beat.

Seven Mile Beach
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